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Why Donate?


Your Involvement and Support can help change lives.  Shine On is looking for individuals and corporations interested in being a partner.  



Partnership Opportunities

You can give any recurring contribution amount and become a part of the team. Help by joining us today and by taking action to help the women in our homes... Partner with us today!


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Shine On is looking for both (individuals and corporations) interested in being a sponsor of one of our upcoming events or making a donation to this extremely worthy cause. Please contact our President, Becky Richardson or our Director, Shana Wolfe at for more information on being a Shine On Sponsor!

Other ways you can help:

  • Ask your church to support Shine On, Inc. as one of their missions

  • Have your youth group hold a fundraiser event

  • Offer to place a cash donation jar at your place of business

  • Invite Shine On to speak at your event to bring community awareness

  • Invite Shine On out to your bake sale, coffee and donut hour or social event

  • Donate a prize for one of our events or raffles

  • Let Shine On be one of your company charities for ongoing support

  • Make a donation and let us add you to our sponsor/donor listing as a "thank you"



What is the Shine On House?

As many of you know, several in this congregation help with the local jail ministry. What the women were noticing when they went to minister in jail was that the inmates kept saying they had nowhere to go when they were released. Therefore, the women kept going back to the drug houses and their old acquaintances and would end up right back in jail. There was a tremendous need to help these women, but the project just seemed overwhelming.

God kept nudging the girls along and had his hand all over it. Fortunately, Shana met Becky Richardson who had the same passion. Becky; however, had never worked in jail ministry, but did lose her best friend to domestic violence. Her dream has been to open up a safe home for women and children who felt like they could never get out of their current situation. Christie Bullock the women’s jail chaplain has been a huge asset as well.

We are proud to say that a 501 C3 was established and The Shine On House opened it’s doors in July. Since July, 14 individuals have been through the house. In fact, another house ended up having to be rented for a mother and her three kids.

Does every woman that goes through Shine On Stay clean and sober? No. A few have realized that the rules just are not for them. However, seeds are planted in every single individual that goes through there. The majority of the women have completely transformed their lives. It’s common for people to just stop by the Shine On house for some quiet time or a prayer.

The Shine On ladies do daily Bible studies, participate in community service, frequently circle up for prayer, write and encourage other inmates, and so much more. They are truly amazing . One lady is helping be the director of the house, one just got a new job, one just got accepted into NCTC. They are reunited with their families that they haven’t seen for years, they are handing out Bibles to the lost, and focusing on their relationships with God.

What kind of donations are needed? Toilet paper, laundry detergent, food gift cards, staple foods, good/ clean movies.

How much are the monthly operating expenses? $6,349 (mortgage on one house, rent on another, utilities, insurance, groceries, gas, bus tickets, medical, dental, phone, wifi ( for security cameras).

How is Shine On Funded? Shine On is 100% privately funded. Recently, the Shane Weatherbee Memorial Skeet Shoot hosted by Graham Savings sent a check for $8000. There are no paid employees, only volunteers.

Who is eligible to stay at the Shine On House? Primarily, we take women out of the local jail or prison who do not have a place to go. We also welcome battered women and their children. All women are welcome as long as they are clean and sober and willing to follow the Shine On rules.

What can I do to help? PRAY PRAY PRAY! Graham has a tremendous drug problem and the need for this type of house is almost outgrowing what we have room for. Also, any of the donations listed above are extremely helpful. Occasionally, rides are needed to jobs, church, the grocery store, etc.

Currently the ladies are doing a Bible study at the Shine On house at 6:00 on Sunday evenings and all ladies in the congregation are welcome! They also travel to Newcastle on Tuesday evenings for a Bible Study and are required to be in Church on Sunday and Wednesdays.