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Why Donate?


Your Involvement and Support can help change lives.  Shine On is looking for individuals and corporations interested in being a partner.  



Partnership Opportunities

You can give any recurring contribution amount and become a part of the team. Help by joining us today and by taking action to help the women in our homes... Partner with us today!


Sponsor a Monthly Expense

Donate Prizes for Upcoming Events

Place a Cash Donation Jar in Your Shop


Sponsorship Opportunities

Shine On is looking for both (individuals and corporations) interested in being a sponsor of one of our upcoming events or making a donation to this extremely worthy cause. Please contact our President, Becky Richardson or our Director, Shana Wolfe at info@shineonforwomen.org for more information on being a Shine On Sponsor!

Other ways you can help:

  • Ask your church to support Shine On, Inc. as one of their missions

  • Have your youth group hold a fundraiser event

  • Offer to place a cash donation jar at your place of business

  • Invite Shine On to speak at your event to bring community awareness

  • Invite Shine On out to your bake sale, coffee and donut hour or social event

  • Donate a prize for one of our events or raffles

  • Let Shine On be one of your company charities for ongoing support

  • Make a donation and let us add you to our sponsor/donor listing as a "thank you"



Sponsorship Saves Lives

Your Sponsorship Helps
Shine On understands that sponsors may want to contribute in different ways and so we offer a range of sponsorship options. Please join our other sponsors and make a huge difference in the lives of suffering or abused women.

Shine On is thankful to the following sponors and those who remain anonymous.

At Shine On we are truely grateful for all donations we recieve. As a sponsor your gift will provide months or even years of program support for our Shine On Homes.


Sponsors: Please select the level of sponsorship below.


1 Year Groceries - Select Sponsorship Payment Option



1 Year Electricity - Select Sponsorship Payment Option



1 Year Insurance - Select Sponsorship Payment Option



1 Year Water - Select Sponsorship Payment Option



Please visit and support our sponsors and friends.


Beyond Faith

Weatherby Realestate

New Beginnings Big Country - Transitional Home for Women

Faith Mission Refuge of Wichita Falls


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