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2 Corinthians 5:18 All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation:


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Your Involvement and Support can help change lives.  Shine On is looking for individuals and corporations interested in being a partner.  



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Shine On is looking for both (individuals and corporations) interested in being a sponsor of one of our upcoming events or making a donation to this extremely worthy cause. Please contact our President, Becky Richardson or our Director, Shana Wolfe at for more information on being a Shine On Sponsor!

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Testimonial of Tonya B.

I grew up in Graham. It was a small town filled with good people dedicated to raising their kids in a

safe environment. Sadly the drug epidemic sweeping the nation has now reached your zipcode.

Now women who were raised in middle­class Christian homes wind up sleeping in the bunks of

the county jail or running the streets. No one is excempt from the disease of drug addiction or the

cycle of abuse. Almost everyone has a friend, family member or someone they know affected by

it. I never thought it could happen to me, but it did. Unlike most of my peers, I was blessed with a

compassionate man of God who never left my side. I was blessed with strong family support and

the means to get out and get help. I am overwhelmed by the number of beautiful souls who don't

have that same opportunity.

So how can we make Graham beautiful again? By shining a light. Jesus spoke of not hiding our

light under a bushel, but letting it shine 'so that it gives light to all that are in the house.' The

purpose of the light in us is not to display our own greatness, but to give light to those in our

house, in our city. This why the Shine On house is important. When we invest God's love and the

light of His word into the hearts and souls of His children, transformation is a (super)natural result.

Young ladies who are counted out by their community because of too many wrong turns suddenly

find themselves in the light of Christ and counted righteous. Victims of abuse and neglect

miraculously through the power of God's Holy Spirit become overcomers and victors over their


Jesus set me free from a seven year battle with addiction. I almost lost my family and several

times I lost my earthly freedoms. Christ set me free through the power of prayer and belief in His

name. But people played an integral role in my growth and recovery. They played a huge role

really. I'm so thankful for the women doing this very same thing for the community of Graham and

for all who support the Shine On house. I personaly know some of the women helped there and

believe me, they had no where to go, no direction and no hope. I've seen friends reunited with

their kids, go to college, get jobs and live a productive life as a result of coming into contact with a

powerful God and coming through the Shine On house in Graham. That encourages my heart.

Let's believe Graham can be beautiful again ... a city on a hill ... shining the penetrating light of

God's love to rescue our daughters, our sisters, our cousins from the enemy of darkness.

Yours in Christ,

Tonya B.